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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home for Christmas 2010 - Dining Room

A couple of metres of inexpensive red panne velvet fabric
makes a wonderful tablecloth.
No sewing or ironing...ever!

Our small tabletop fibre-optic Christmas tree
that had once glowed many changing colours,
was sort of not working.
John removed the bit that was broken
and now we can use it...but only in one colour.
I chose RED...of course.
So now it glows red alongside
the large wooden birdcage.
John used a strip of LED lighting, in RED,
from Supercheap,
(the ones that are used as extra brake lights in the back window of cars)
to position inside the cage.
It makes the whole inside glow a gentle RED at night.

Inside the birdcage,
there resides a trio of
 'Cathedral Cats'.
I think it is very ironic that they have chosen
to live in what apparently was supposed to house birds.

Short, clear plastic beaded curtains
add a bit of sparkle
to the dining room.
(again, purchased from my favourite pharmacy!)

Atop the ornate wood carved framed mirror sits a small set of
'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'
that John bought me as a surprise,
while touring NSW a few years ago.

'Santa and a small boy'
were a bargain I picked up one year,
half price, from a Jewelry Store
during the sales a few months after Christmas.

'Scarlett' is our resident mannequin
that I picked up from an Overflow store a while back.
She helps to make the day Merry and Bright
by displaying more beads and greenery.

Small faeries oversee the dining and lounge rooms
from on top of a cabinet
which has a very ornate tassel
to embellish the handle.

Next : the Family Room...


  1. That is amazing, I've just had a look at your previous posts and your decorating is stunning! I particularly love the Santa and little boy..Enjoy the season..Rachaelxx



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